Would you like to….

– Become a better leader of people?
– Develop loyal repeat business?
– Double or even triple your sales?
– Maximize your productivity?
– Gain a marketplace advantage?

Welcome to ‘ScaleUp,’ an extension of the Real Estate Collective—an exclusive membership-based monthly gathering throughout the year, crafted for real estate agents and small business professionals. This annual membership provides a gateway to unlock the intricacies of elevating your real estate enterprise, shaping a legacy, and creating a meaningful impact.

Engage with us to explore innovative wealth-building strategies, nurture leadership development, receive entrepreneurial guidance, and harness cutting-edge technologies. Industry pioneers will share insights through collaborative discussions and interactive sessions. This journey ensures the amplification of your business successes while making a lasting impact on your community, family, and the real estate industry.

Join our dynamic network of real estate-focused professionals dedicated to shaping a brighter future and embarking on a successful journey. Take hold of the opportunity to grow, thrive, and establish a legacy of enduring significance.
Save the dates for the second Wednesday in February, March, April, May, August, September, October, and November.
Let’s shape our legacies together.

The ‘ScaleUp’ Annual Membership includes workbooks, study materials, video training, in-person and virtual group coaching sessions, and discounted access to the REC workshop every 3rd Thursday monthly.

A community supporting you, your aspirations, and your real estate endeavors.

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